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Space as Matrix

Understanding space as matrix is to underline space as a complex layering of ever-changing social relations. It is to disrupt the normalcy of some, whilst not necessarily stressing other or new conditions under which these social relations arise – rather altering the terms on which they are founded. Matrix Feminist Design Co-operative, Ursula Mayer, muf […]

13 December, 2022

Parity in History?

During the course of the semester, students were required to carry out a process of active reading. This deep engagement with historical texts is being developed by Dr. Anne Hultzsch and Dr. Sol Perez Martinez of WoWA as a means to test how specific examples of women’s writing, which exist outside the traditional means of […]

6 December, 2022

Architecture in the World of Elizabeth Bowen

The Anglo Irish writer Elizabeth Bowen was born in Dublin in 1899. Her first seven  winters were spent in the city that she describes as “a bold Italianate plan in tricky Celtic light”. The city left a profound mark on her sensibility, with its “climatic moodiness” where “all stood for stability”; it was a city […]

17 October, 2022

in:dépendance at Furka Pass

During the summer of 2022, the chair of Jan de Vylder at ETH Zurich began a 3-year experiment at the Furka Pass in Switzerland (in:dépendance), 2429 m above sea level and only accessible 4 months a year. Responding to their invitation for proposals for short residences, Women Writing Architecture was represented by Helen Thomas, born […]

1 October, 2022

Theater Neumarkt : Feminism and Gender

This collection has been compiled from a reading list by co-director Tine Milz at Theater Neumarkt, who contributed to Episode 2 : A book I love.   Who created and wrote the world we live in? Feminism is pretty often intricately linked to Sexism, Racism, Gender, and Politics. The third Chapter brings us closer to the way […]

26 August, 2022

A Book I Love

Each episode of A Book I Love (A-B-I-L) is a conversation around a book that is special to one of the speakers. It is a companion text, in the words of Sara Ahmed, that in some way or another intersects with an idea of architecture. Episode 1: The Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd, chosen by Helen […]

13 July, 2022


Loké excerpt The list is composed of selections made by participants in Loké and it’s predecessor, BI, which is discussed in the conversation between Erandi de Silva, editor of Loké, and Helen Thomas, editor at Women Writing Architecture: Helen Thomas: The origins of Loké lie in a project you started over ten years ago, called […]

26 June, 2022

What do buildings mean? An Iconographic Collection of Helen Rosenau, Susanne Lang and Frances Yates

What do buildings mean? This questioning of the subject has always been a less straightforward issue in architecture than in painting or sculpture. An iconography of painting can be relatively direct. A woman depicted with an iron studded wheel while clutching a martyr’s palm is St. Catherine, an image rendered with personal and historic moment […]

26 May, 2022

CMYK current titles/2022

This collection was put together by the Women Writing Architecture editors, who analysed and gathered the titles of books written or edited by women that appeared within the Architecture and Landscape Design section of CMYK’s online shop. Out of 263 titles we found 89 female-authored publications, which constitute this collection. For more check out @CMYK_BOOKSTORE

19 May, 2022

Flora Bonnemé of Technè Bookshop suggests

This collection is composed of a list of twelve favourite books sent to us by Flora Bonnemé, founder of Technè Bookshop.

13 May, 2022

Parlour Reading Room 4: Intersectional urban environments

The fourth Parlour Reading Room collection considers the built environment through an intersectional feminist lens, questioning equity and the city, and exploring the connections between public space and power. The collection touches on trans feminism, queer design strategies and the argument for community-led projects and design justice. In February 2022, we hosted a conversation between […]

25 April, 2022

Parlour Reading Room 3: Collective access

The third Parlour Reading Room collection considers the built environment through a feminist lens, reflecting on and questioning accessibility and the importance of noticing the “diverse perceptions and experiences of occupying built space” (Boys, 2018, p. 37). Through the collection, we ask how the social model of disability manifests in architectural practice and the built […]

22 April, 2022

Parlour Reading Room 2: The profession through an intersectional lens

The second theme of the Parlour Reading Room explores inclusivity and diversity within built environment professions. With Denise Scott Brown’s essay, “Room at the Top? Sexism and the Star System in Architecture”, Marie-Louise Richards’ essay in Field Journal: “Becoming a Feminist Architect” and other read-watch-listen materials, we ask how status affects inclusivity within the architectural […]

20 April, 2022

Parlour Reading Room 1: Introducing intersectional feminism

The Parlour Reading Room was launched in August 2020 by Anwyn Hocking and Sophie Adsett. It offers an invitation for the Parlour community to delve deeper into themes related to intersectional feminist theory, practice and the built environment. The initiative provides the framework for individuals to self-organise book club groups with their friends, family and […]

20 April, 2022

Modern Architecture and Gender: The Case of pre-State Israel

20 years ago, I researched the 1934 Levant Fair in Tel Aviv, an international exhibition whose purpose was to boost the economy and the commercial ties of the Jewish community in Palestine under the British Mandate (Mandatory Palestine, 1921-1948). This was also an important architectural event that marked the acceptance of the international style as […]

7 April, 2022

Madame ETH

To accompany the exhibition Life Without Buildings curated by Adam Szymczyk, the gta exhibition team created Madame ETH located in Kiosk K67. This red kiosk was designed by Slovenian architect Saša Mächtig as a multi-purpose structure for the street. It takes the form of a modular smooth plastic shell, which here becomes a bookshop in […]

17 March, 2022

Finnish Women Writing

The Women who Rewrote the History of Finnish Architecture The history of Finnish architecture, like the history of architecture in general, is full of women. Although Finland was one of the first countries in the world where women could train as professional architects, for a long time these women remained in the shadows of history. […]

15 March, 2022

Metropolis Bookshop’s Sisters in Architecture

In November 2021, the editors at Women Writing Architecture wrote to Metropolis bookshop asking them whether they would be interested in contributing a collection to the annotated bibliography. The book buyer, Molly, wrote back with screenshots of their running list (so probably already transformed), explaining that these describe what we call ‘sisters in architecture’ These […]

23 February, 2022

Caryatide: Always work in progress

Between 11 and 26 February 2022 the editorial staff of Caryatide were installed, temporarily, at the Galerie d’Architecture de Paris, transforming the rooms into a hybrid space where working  and exhibiting went hand in hand. The exhibition offered the visitor the opportunity to discover their projects-in-progress. A documented presentation of the projects at their respective […]

15 February, 2022

The Foyer. A Unique Narrative atelier

The Foyer. is Marta and Blanca Vives, sisters and architects of the inner life of the project. Their intention for participating in Women Writing Architecture is to deepen insights of the texts that they curate from a Unique Narrative angle. Unique Narrative is the orphaned step zero; the recreation of an inner world through a […]

19 January, 2022

New Order: Unit 3 at Kingston School of Art

This collection has been compiled from a larger reading list used by Professor Andrew Clancy and Laura Evans in their teaching of Unit 3 at Kingston School of Art in London in 2020-21. A parallel unit with a different reading list was run by Catherine Blaney and Colm Moore at Queens University Belfast. Faced with […]

12 January, 2022

Gendering History, Women Travel Writers and Architectural Experience

During the autumn of 2021, Dr Anne Hultzsch (Women Writing Architecture: Female Experiences of the Built 1700-1900 (WoWA)) led a seminar around reading history from women’s perspectives, questioning not only the subject matter and ways of seeing it, but also the mechanism for writing. Using the form of ficto-criticism, students were encouraged to understand this […]

8 December, 2021

Eureka! Touring Library

The Eureka! Touring Library is an annual project generated by JuangZong Books & Deng Yuanye, and in their words, it: brings together the world’s leading independent and academic publishing houses that are dedicated to the contents of architecture. Eureka! Touring Library showcases the best of the year’s newest publications, the private libraries of master architects, […]

14 November, 2021

Hochparterre Bücher recommends

This simple collection consists of recent books by women that can be found at the Hochparterre bookshop in Zurich. Some of them are accompanied by annotations written by the shop’s managers, Cornelia Thalmann and Anne Müller.

7 October, 2021

Curating Artek and the Aaltos

This collection responds to the process of curating the exhibition Artek and the Aaltos and at its heart is a celebration of Aino Marsio-Aalto as a practicing architect. The Artek and the Aaltos exhibition was shown at the Bard Graduate Center Gallery in New York between April 22 and October 2, 2016. The exhibition was accompanied […]

6 October, 2021

Reading Room

Over the weekend of 11/12 September 2021 the garden of ZAZ was populated by an event hosted by Annexe Book Fair, Zine Making, and Dumpling Making Workshop Join us and our guests to browse through a selection of key feminist texts and hear about why they are important and relevant to read today. After browsing, […]

1 October, 2021

Pioneering Women of American Architecture

Edited and directed by Mary McLeod and Victoria Rosner, this resource has been developed collaboratively since 2012, with entries still being added by scholars of architectural history. There are 34 of the projected 50 American women architects to date. The current list can be seen below, where 28 of the 35 entries have been written […]

24 August, 2021

Cartha 2018: Building Identity

During its fourth year (2018), Cartha was concerned with Building Identity. The content – editorials, essays, projects, visual essays, and interviews – is divided into five parts, each one : ASSIMILATION The absorption and integration of people, ideas, or culture into a wider society or culture. The process of becoming similar to something. The process […]

2 August, 2021

Cartha 2019: The Possible Progress

The first part of The Possible Progress lays the theoretical foundation upon which a series of answers by key guests will be set. The editors begin with this complex question: The Positivist Stage, as stated by Comte, marked the entry into an era when, due to gradual but constant scientific developments, increasingly accurate predictions of […]

31 July, 2021

Cartha 2020: Invisible Structures

In 2020, the Cartha team invited specialists in computation, history, the arts, sciences and economics to contemplate the ways that the systems that generate the invisible structures of contemporary society, whose presence is outlined in the editors’ introductory extract below, are embedded in and inform their research. The outcomes of some of these discussions are […]

28 July, 2021

Feminine Spaces. The Future is Female is Now II

This collection has been put together by the Women Writing Architecture editors from the syllabus of the Architectural Criticism seminar at ETH Zurich in 2020 led by Antje Stahl and Vera Sacchetti. The full syllabus can be found here.

27 June, 2021

DRAG Lab Book Club (2021)

This collection lists the syllabus of the first DRAG lab book club semester. The DRAG lab book club is a format for horizontal discussions open to all. It aims to provide a framework for joint reflection and the sharing of questions relating to architecture, its practice, and teaching. The events of the book club are […]

25 June, 2021

WAI Architecture Think Tank

The practice of WAI Architecture Think Tank questions the political, historical, material legacy and imperatives of architecture and urbanism. WAI is one of their platforms of public engagement, which include Intelligentsia Gallery and the education platform and trade-school Loudreaders. Amongst others, their work has been exhibited at the Chicago Architecture Biennial and the Museum of […]

24 June, 2021


Loudreaders is an open pedagogical platform and free trade school, that engages with architectural education as a form of mutual aid and critical solidarity in the age of COVID-19. It is based on the emancipating and persecuted alternative practice of education performed by lectors like Luisa Capetillo in the tobacco factories in the Caribbean. The […]

24 June, 2021

Conversations in Preparation

The citations and annotations in this collection occurred in conversations with collaborators who have been involved in preparing the Women Writing Architecture annotated bibliography during the first six months of 2021.

20 June, 2021

ETH Zurich Studio Caruso Semester Readings (2011-2021)

The Reading Circle Performance The images show the covers of the text collections of Studio Caruso, chair for architecture and construction at the DARCH of ETH Zurich, led by Prof. Adam Caruso. Since 2011, these textbooks have been compiled and printed at the beginning of each semester with reference to the semester’s topic. Here, the […]

20 May, 2021

Temporal Cities, Provisional Citizens: Architectures of Internment (2015-2018)

This collection lists the intellectual foundation for Anoma Pieris’s Australian Research Council Future Fellowship project: Temporal Cities, Provisional Citizens: Architectures of Internment (2015-2018). ‘I look to interdisciplinary scholarship for incisive analyses of political issues; on racism, structural exclusions and social injustices – topics that canonical architectural texts may avoid. Among books on my shelf that […]

13 May, 2021

Radical Domesticity: Modernism, Gender, and Building the Future 2021

The reading list of this 12-week seminar course led by Professor Mary McLeod of Columbia GSAPP and Professor Victoria Rosner from the Department of English at Columbia includes 21 texts written by women, from which this collection is made. The course introduction explains its critical intentions: This class explores alternative visions of domestic life from […]

1 May, 2021

Gender, Architecture and the Construction of Modernity (2020)

In 2020, Professor Mary McLeod ran a week-long seminar course at the University of Ljubljana, from which a collection of 24 citations has been made. The ambitions of the course are described in its introduction: This class explores the intersections between gender and modern architecture, examining themes such as domestic reform, images of the New […]

29 April, 2021