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Syllabus: Feminine Spaces. The Future is Female is Now II

This collection has been put together by the Women Writing Architecture editors from the syllabus of the Architectural Criticism seminar at ETH Zurich in 2020 led by Antje Stahl and Vera Sacchetti. The full syllabus can be found here.

27 June, 2021

Syllabus: DRAG Lab Book Club (2021)

This collection lists the syllabus of the first DRAG lab book club semester. The DRAG lab book club is a format for horizontal discussions open to all. It aims to provide a framework for joint reflection and the sharing of questions relating to architecture, its practice, and teaching. The events of the book club are […]

25 June, 2021

ETH Zurich Studio Caruso Semester Readings (2011-2021)

The images show the covers of the text collections of Studio Caruso, chair for architecture and construction at the DARCH of ETH Zurich, led by Prof. Adam Caruso. Since 2011, these textbooks have been compiled and printed at the beginning of each semester with reference to the semester’s topic. Here, the marked positions exemplarily show […]

20 May, 2021

Syllabus: Mary McLeod and Victoria Rosner, Radical Domesticity: Modernism, Gender, and Building the Future 2021

The reading list of this 12-week seminar course led by Professor Mary McLeod of Columbia GSAPP and Professor Victoria Rosner from the Department of English at Columbia includes 20 texts written by women, from which this collection is made. The course introduction explains its critical intentions: This class explores alternative visions of domestic life from […]

1 May, 2021

Syllabus: Mary McLeod, Gender, Architecture and the Construction of Modernity 2020

In 2020, Professor Mary McLeod ran a week-long seminar course at the University of Ljubljana, from which a collection of 24 citations has been made. The ambitions of the course are described in its introduction: This class explores the intersections between gender and modern architecture, examining themes such as domestic reform, images of the New […]

29 April, 2021

Syllabus: Mary Pepchinski, Contemporary Women Architects: Theories, Practices, Positions 2020

The reading list of this 5-week seminar course led by Professor Mary Pepchinski is composed of 15 texts written by women. This collection brings together the citations for those texts.

10 February, 2021