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Being a Stranger

  This collection was created by Natália Peťková in preparation for the Women Writing Architecture 2-day workshop in Ennenda, Glarus, Switzerland called  ‘Being A Stranger’. Three of the books in the collection is accompanied by an annotation that connects it to the theme.

17 November, 2023

The Author Speaks

Each episode of The Author Speaks (T-A-S) series is a short interview where we find out a little about the approach and inspirations of different female producers of text, focussing each time on one of their works. Our circle of guests extends globally to women that in some way or another, engage with an idea […]

14 April, 2023

in:dépendance at Furka Pass

During the summer of 2022, the chair of Jan de Vylder at ETH Zurich began a 3-year experiment at the Furka Pass in Switzerland (in:dépendance), 2429 m above sea level and only accessible 4 months a year. Responding to their invitation for proposals for short residences, Women Writing Architecture was represented by Helen Thomas, born […]

1 October, 2022

A Book I Love

Each episode of A Book I Love (A-B-I-L) is a conversation around a book that is special to one of the speakers. It is a companion text, in the words of Sara Ahmed, that in some way or another intersects with an idea of architecture. Episode 1: The Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd, chosen by Helen […]

13 July, 2022

Writing Memory

Architects have long drawn connections between memory and the work they produce. This conversation investigates three ways that memory shapes space – whether that is how, conceptually, it changes the ‘space’ of framework we ourselves have used to think about or know a certain work, as in the case of Denise Scott Brown; or whether […]

14 January, 2021