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Elke Krasny

Academic, Curator
Vienna, AT

Elke Krasny is a cultural and architectural theorist, urban researcher, curator, author and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

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Architecture is in need of care – dependent on maintenance, cleaning, and daily upkeep to sustain its existence. From its beginnings, architecture has been conceived of as a shelter for the protection of human life. Architecture protects us and therefore we care for it. By understanding architecture and care in this manner, it is possible to connect it to the concepts of social reproduction and its everyday labor as well as to the deficiency of a reproducible resources at an environmental scale. From this perspective, care in architecture is thus concerned with a »politics of reproduction« – a political critique of the current struggles not only with respect to the global labor force but also within the terrain of climate change.

excerpt from Elke Krasny ‘Care’ in AA Files no 76, 2019

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