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Pioneering Women of American Architecture

Edited and directed by Mary McLeod and Victoria Rosner, this resource has been developed collaboratively since 2012, with entries still being added by scholars of architectural history. There are 34 of the projected 50 American women architects to date. The current list can be seen below, where 28 of the 35 entries have been written […]

24 August, 2021

The Power of Mushrooms – Growing Library

This slowly-growing collection was initiated as part of the gta (ETH Zürich) exhibition The Power of Mushrooms – Berta Rahm’s Pavilion for the Saffa 58. The collective intelligence of fungi acted as a model to conceive the Growing Library, an inventory of books and texts from and about FTIQ* architects and feminist topics to collectively create […]

21 July, 2021

Orlando, Women’s Writing in the British Isles

A pioneering resource for women’s writing, a self-described textbase, the Orlando Project is edited by Patricia Clements, Isobel Grundy, Sharon Balazs, and Jeffrey Antoniuk of the University of Alberta, and Susan Brown of the University of Guelph. It was published by individual or institutional subscription on the web by Cambridge University Press in June 2006, […]

19 March, 2021

From Reading Zimbabwe

This collection is an example of a short bibliography of writing by women about architecture encountered by following one of the myriad trajectories through interconnected archived material on the contemporary (2021) internet. Additional relevant texts are being added. The starting point was a lecture by Mindy Seu on The Pedagogy of Design in the Age […]

13 February, 2021