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Galpi Project 갈피 프로젝트 #6-#9

  CAC Seoul – Curating Architecture Collective Seoul – is currently running the Galpi Project 갈피 프로젝트 , starting in September 2023, which extracts architectural forms contained in books and buildings and builds its own reference tower. Based on the etymology of the word ‘Galpi 갈피’, which means “a gap between or between each overlapping […]

5 March, 2024

Seen, Heard, Built

Seen, Heard, Built is an exhibition curated by the CABLE team in Shenzen, China, who contacted women writing architecture with an invitation to participate. This is how they explain their idea:

1 March, 2024

Space as Matrix

Understanding space as matrix is to underline space as a complex layering of ever-changing social relations. It is to disrupt the normalcy of some, whilst not necessarily stressing other or new conditions under which these social relations arise – rather altering the terms on which they are founded. Matrix Feminist Design Co-operative, Ursula Mayer, muf […]

13 December, 2022

The Foyer. A Unique Narrative atelier

The Foyer. is Marta and Blanca Vives, sisters and architects of the inner life of the project. Their intention for participating in Women Writing Architecture is to deepen insights of the texts that they curate from a Unique Narrative angle. Unique Narrative is the orphaned step zero; the recreation of an inner world through a […]

19 January, 2022

Curating Artek and the Aaltos

This collection responds to the process of curating the exhibition Artek and the Aaltos and at its heart is a celebration of Aino Marsio-Aalto as a practicing architect. The Artek and the Aaltos exhibition was shown at the Bard Graduate Center Gallery in New York between April 22 and October 2, 2016. The exhibition was accompanied […]

6 October, 2021