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CMYK current titles/2022

This collection was put together by the Women Writing Architecture editors, who analysed and gathered the titles of books written or edited by women that appeared within the Architecture and Landscape Design section of CMYK’s online shop. Out of 263 titles we found 89 female-authored publications, which constitute this collection. For more check out @CMYK_BOOKSTORE

19 May, 2022

Eureka! Touring Library

The Eureka! Touring Library is an annual project generated by JuangZong Books & Deng Yuanye, and in their words, it: brings together the world’s leading independent and academic publishing houses that are dedicated to the contents of architecture. Eureka! Touring Library showcases the best of the year’s newest publications, the private libraries of master architects, […]

14 November, 2021

Flora Bonnemé of Technè Bookshop suggests

This collection is composed of a list of twelve favourite books sent to us by Flora Bonnemé, founder of Technè Bookshop.

13 May, 2022

Hochparterre Bücher recommends

This simple collection consists of recent books by women that can be found at the Hochparterre bookshop in Zurich. Some of them are accompanied by annotations written by the shop’s managers, Cornelia Thalmann and Anne Müller.

7 October, 2021

Metropolis Bookshop’s Sisters in Architecture

In November 2021, the editors at Women Writing Architecture wrote to Metropolis bookshop asking them whether they would be interested in contributing a collection to the annotated bibliography. The book buyer, Molly, wrote back with screenshots of their running list (so probably already transformed), explaining that these describe what we call ‘sisters in architecture’ These […]

23 February, 2022