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JuanZong Books

Qinhuangdao, Shanghai, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Beijing, CN

Juanzong Books is a bookshop matrix project initiated by the Huasheng Media Group & The Collab Group.

The first architecture bookshop is located in the Aranya Art Center, Qinhuangdao. The second branch is in UCCA Edge, Shanghai, and focuses on contemporary art. There will be three more new branches of Juanzong Books in Xiamen, Shenzhen and Beijing from January 2022.

Aiming to be the most active architectural and cultural base in China, Juanzong Books collaborates with global academic institutions and independent publishing houses, bringing together architects, designers, artists, scholars in China and around the world to present forums, events, workshops and exhibitions the whole year.



Contributions from JuanZong Books