Represented here are the activities and products that are created by the team at Women Writing Architecture and its readers and users. Everyone is invited to participate, email: to find out more.

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On Hinterland, the website for the 2024 Klöntal Triennale in Glarus, where Women Writing Architecture has its physical home in Tisch Zwei Verein, Helen Thomas writes on Walking Through Architecture, a project in progress, and reflects on the Women Writing Architecture workshop, Being A Stranger, September 2023 (more soon on publication).

A Communal Bibliography: Royal Institute of British Architecture

In April, Women Writing Architecture featured on the Royal Institute of British Architects blog, Knowledge.

Seen Heard Built

As CABLE embarks on planning their upcoming annual exhibition, ‘SEEN HEARD BUILT’, they have reached out to feature Women Writing Architecture in this significant showcase.

CABLE, a cultural experimental space dedicated to exploring planning, architecture, and culture, with a specific focus on the city, is committed to shedding light on gender issues in urban spaces through the ‘SEEN HEARD BUILT’ exhibition. This exhibition will present diverse perspectives by delving into the history of gender-equal cities, showcasing domestic and international city design and architectural case studies, as well as incorporating photographic, installation, and documentary works. They aim to collectively explore how the female perspective can shape the future of urban life.

Day of Words

Women Writing Architecture take part in the first edition of DAY OF WORDS which will take place on Tuesday, 5th of March 2024 at ONA Fokushalle, Zürich. The DAY OF WORDS is part of a series of three days of presentations and talks about DRAWINGS (20.02), NORMS (27.02) and WORDS (05.03), organised by Professor Jan De Vylder and the bachelor team at the chair of ETH Zürich.

The DAY OF WORDS is a fantastic occasion for the students and for the teaching team to learn from the importance of words, writings, and readings in our practice as architects and editors at Women Writing Architecture. The lecture will be part of the Parity Talks. The chair organising has asked each guest to tackle the subject of WORDS in the frame of the social, political and ethical problems that we are facing in universities, practices, editorial boards.

Silvia Federici: gossip, witches and textiles

At the end of August, Silvia Federici came to the small Swiss village of Ennenda to speak to a select but entranced audience about gossip, witches and, responding the industrial past of the canton, textiles.

Silvia Federici joined Helen Thomas of Women Writing Architecture/Tisch Zwei Verein, Tina Milz of Theater Neumarkt and Geraldine Tedder of Kunsthalle Winterthur  in conversation.

A film of the conversation can be found here.

Tisch Zwei Verein

Tisch Zwei Verein has been established as a physical home to Women Writing Architecture and a place where things happen.

Tisch Zwei Verein is an association and a space based in Ennenda (Glarus) Switzerland that offers various activities to support women who write about architecture, and those who want to. From a small, industrial village in the centre of Switzerland, Tisch Zwei sends out an invitation to join in, wherever you are. Click the logo to find out more … and even become a member.


The Author Speaks

The Author Speaks (T-A-S) is a series of short interviews by Women Writing Architecture, where we find out a little about the approach and inspirations of different female producers of text, focussing each time on one of their works.

Episode 1: Mindy Seu on Cyberfeminism Index:  Episode 2: Elke Krasny on Living with an Infected Planet; Episode 3 (coming soon): Frida Grahn on In Other Eyes, Portrait of an Architect

Things Happen in the Country

We are accustomed to architecture happening in the city and sometimes forget that things happen in rural places as well. For example, our most recent collection comes from Plas Brondanw on Anglesey, an island alongside mainland Wales. At the same time, the activities of Women Writing Architecture are embraced by Tisch Zwei Verein, newly founded in the village of Ennenda, Glarus – a rural and industrial valley in the heart of Switzerland, where we are planning our first workshop. More soon …

women writing architecture (publishing)

March 2023, Women Writing Architecture announce women writing architecture (publishing).

Find out more

Celebrating Women on 8th March

Women Writing Architecture celebrated International Women’s Day for the first time.

At 11:00 GMT Sol Pérez-Martinez was in conversation with Anne Hultzsch of WoWA and Helen Thomas of WWA (sisters in Women Writing Architecture) during the Bartlett Women’s Day Symposium (transcript of the event).

At 15:00 CET Women Writing Architecture with friends Geraldine Tedder, Tine Milz, Madame ETH and the Chair of Adam Caruso ran a workshop: Can Writing Be Activism? For the ETH Parity Talks

The Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain published an auto interview by Helen Thomas: Women Writing Architecture, A Communal Bibliography

Emilie Appercé and Helen Thomas were interviewed by Jonathan Green in his programme Blueprint for Living on Australian National Radio.

Listening to Men

Are cis men allowed to participate in Women Writing Architecture?

Of course they are. Everyone is invited to reflect on women’s writing in their practice and thinking about architecture, and we have many valuable contributions – annotations, glossary terms, collections and even a glossator – made by men.

Some examples:

Pablo Bronstein

Markus Lähteenmäki

Matthew Critchley

William Mann

Gerard Carty

Eric (and Christian) Crevels

Paul Grieguszies Schäfer

Women Writing Architecture website: new locations

Over the last few months, the WWA team with Lizzie Malcolm of Rectangle Design have been reworking and developing how the website works. New locations include the Forum, where the productions of Women Writing Architecture can be found and which also includes news-like announcements. We have revisited the way that contributors to the site are listed on the People & Organisations page. Most importantly, though, we have tried to highlight the active possibilities of the annotated bibliography through what we are now calling The Glossator (see the announcement below). We would love to include yours, please feel invited.

Glossators: Personal Collections in Print

These user-created, bespoke bibliographies are designed to be useful for personal research and for sharing with students, colleagues and friends. In addition to simply emailing your Personal Collection list to yourself or others, it can now be produced as a PDF in two formats – one for reading on screen, the other for making an analogue booklet.

Our new process also allows you to add a title, a descriptive introduction, and notes, or glosses, to the margins of your collections. To find out how to do this, visit our explanation for making a Personal Collection.