women writing architecture (publishing)

Women Writing Architecture announce their new independent publishing venture. In this, we are inspired by Swiss architect Berta Rahm and her publishing house ALA Verlag, which she founded in 1966.

If you have a project that you would like to share with us and disseminate via wwa publishing, or a funding application that requires a publisher, let us know and we can propose it to our editorial board: editors@womenwritingarchitecture.org

In preparation:

women writing architecture and various on Being a Stranger
Summer Islam on Risk
Emily Priest and Dylan Radcliff-Brown on Forms of Practice


In addition to our Glossator series, the inaugural publication will be the second volume of Nachglühen edited by Clara Louise Richard and Ella Eßlinger (Summer 2024).

Nachglühen (volume I)
editors: Clara Louise Richard, Ella Eßlinger











At the same time, we are developing a digital chap book form for commissioning purposes, in editorial dialogue with authors.