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Paul B. Preciado

Curator, Philosopher, Writer

Paul B. Preciado, formerly known as Beatriz Preciado, is a writer, philosopher, and curator whose work focuses on applied and theoretical topics relating to identity, gender, pornography, architecture, and sexuality. In 2010, Preciado began a process of ‘slow transition’ when he started the process of becoming a male.

Glossary definitions from Paul B. Preciado


I. To begin with, the regime of sex, gender and sexual difference you consider universal and almost metaphysical, on which rests all psychoanalytical theory, is not an empirical reality, nor a determining symbolic order of the unconscious. It is no more than an epistemology of the living, an anatomical mapping, a political economy of the body and a collective administration of reproductive energies. A historic system of knowledge and representation constructed in accordance with a racial taxonomy during a period of European mercantile and colonial expansion that crystallized in the second half of the nineteenth century. Far from being a representation of reality, this epistemology is in fact a performative engine that produces and legitimizes a specific political and economic order: the heterocolonial patriarchy.

From: Can The Monster Speak? A Report to an Academy of Psychoanalysts (Fitzcaraldo Editions, 2021): 45

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