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Antwerp, BE

The Flanders Architecture Institute (VAi) aims to bring to light women who have left their mark on the designed environment in Belgium – from (interior) architecture and graphic design to fashion and product design. Many female designers remained under the radar of heritage institutions, researchers and collectors, and thus also outside the canon. This project aims to use Wikipedia edit-a-thons or writing sessions to record the contribution of women on Wikipedia and make up for this backlog.

The project
Many female designers remained under the radar of researchers, museums, archives, curators and collectors. Wiki Women Design aims to take female designers and their contributions to cultural heritage out of the shadows of history. Improved heritage care, including the registration of these actors through Wikimedia’s infrastructure, contributes to improving visibility and making resources available and known.

Project page on Wikipedia
Throughout the project, the Wikipedia project page will serve as a platform for the Wiki Women Design edit-a-thons and a gathering place for knowledge and resources, and will therefore continue to grow in the coming months.

Writing sessions
Anyone who wants to contribute to Wiki Women Design can participate in one of the Wikipedia edit-a-thons organized by the Flemish Architecture Institute in 2021 in collaboration with the project partners.

Five women who are making an impact on the contemporary design sector in Belgium recognize Wiki Women Design as an important project that they would like to contribute to. Oana Bogdan, Sara De Bondt, Stefanie Everaert, Caroline Lateur and Linde Freya Tangelder motivate why the project is important and how they think it can make a difference for a more equal gender representation in the design sector and historiography.

Contributions from Wiki Women Design