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Cosa Mentale

Organisation, Publisher
Paris, FR

Created by a group of young architecture students, Cosa Mentale was born in 2009 as a Revue d’Architecture et de Résistance.

Its aim is to build a corpus of thinkers, projects and thoughts using what exists, without distinction of time and place: it is not a question of establishing a hierarchy between the present and the past but of highlighting a continuity, a reflexive chain that crosses time, and to arrive at a better definition of an architecture that is both a physical construction and a mental construction.

It has 13 issues, the fruit of various collaborations. Its co-founders are Simon Campedel, Fréderic Einaudi, Mélanie Campedel, Mathias Gervais de Lafond, Maxime Gil, Baptiste Manet, Claudia Mion, Simon Vergès and Hugo Vergès.

Contributions from Cosa Mentale