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Zürich, CH

“An annexe is an addition, something extra. An attachment, with the ability to combine, make connections, to provide additional space; it completes the main subject,” begins the description that this group give to their activities. Annexe is an association engaged in events playing out over one summer season (2021), springing from and attached to Berta Rahm’s Pavilion and the ProSaffa1958-Pavillon association, while partnering with several other institutions, including ZAZ (Zentrum Architektur Zurich), alliance F and Maladiere Moderne.

The team consists of: Elena Chiavi, Kathrin Füglister, Amy Perkins, Myriam Uzor are engaged in design, performance, construction, teaching, and more. They are all engaged in the rebuilding process of the original Pavillon as part of their work within the ProSaffa1958-Pavillon Verein.

Contributions from Annexe