▴ Madame ETH bookmark, annotation by Niels Olsen


The Women Writing Architecture annotated bibliography is a collectively-created resource: we need your suggestions to grow our list.

Only texts that have been recommended, either as an annotation1 or as part of a collection2, can be included.3

We have discovered that every citation, annotation and collection comes out of a conversation, and everyone, regardless of gender, is invited to email us at: editors@womenwritingarchitecture.org.

If you would prefer to contribute an annotation directly, please complete to form below:

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  1. Annotations are citations suggested by individuals accompanied by their thoughts, opinions and research. An annotation can be anything from a couple of sentences about why this text is important to you, perhaps as what Sarah Ahmed calls a ‘companion text’, to an extensive, illustrated piece of work around the text that we could develop through an editorial process together.
  2. Collections are groups of citations drawn from syllabi, events, bookshops, personal interest and many other inspirations.
  3. The way that the bibliographical list is made – each citation connected to at least one annotation or collection – means that it works best when suggested texts are the work of others, rather than by oneself. In this way, the value of a text is created by the number of times it is meaningful to someone, chosen as part of a collection or collections or annotated once or many times. This approach is inspired by the ‘Long Spoons’ or ‘Long Chopsticks’ allegory, which takes the dining table as analogy for humanity.

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