A-B-I-L Episode 8: Survival


A-B-I-L 8: Survival: A Thematic Guide to Canadian Literature, chosen by Mariana Siracusa

In December 2023, we travelled to Milan to visit Spazio. This bookshop is edited by and filled with the presence of Mariana Siracusa. On display is a carefully chosen, read through, and ever-changing list of 300 old, rare and newly published books.

Mariana, who is from Argentina but who spent time at the CCA in Montreal, was joined by an uncharacteristically small number of people – just two: Helen Thomas of women writing architecture and architect and Canadian Adam Caruso, to discuss how this provocative book by Margaret Atwood, first published in 1972, could be relevant to the architectural discourse, and specifically Canadian architecture and it’s context in Canadian nature, and the Canadian immigrant experience.


Mariana Siracusa (bookseller and scholar), Helen Thomas, (architect, writer, and publisher), Adam Caruso (architect and teacher)


Spazio, Milan