A-B-I-L Episode 4: Testo Junkie


A-B-I-L 4: Testo Junkie by Paul Preciado, chosen by Paul Grieguszies and Linda Sjøqvist

One evening of November, the A-B-I-L’s team found themselves in the big, red, and now empty room of the Kino Roland, which used to be a sex cinema on the Langstrasse just a few steps away from the main station of Zürich. The collective Querformat occupied the site for a few weeks during this indefinate interim period of the building’s life to put it under investigation. Paul, part of Querformat and Linda, engaging with the Parity Group at the ETH, chose the provocative text of Testo Junkie to discuss the different states of what a transformation can be.


Geraldine Tedder (curator), Helen Thomas, (architect, writer, and publisher), Emilie Appercé (architect), Alicia Ayla Yerebakan (artist, Madame ETH), Paul Grieguszies Schäfer (architect), Linda Dannesboe Sjøqvist (architect)



at Kino Roland, Langstrasse 111, 8004 Zurich